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It would be great if members could please keep this Wiki entry up-to-date by adding details and a very brief description of any unlisted RCA1802 board or software application.  The idea is not to provide a full specification here but to simply identify one 1802 board or software package from another.  
Items needing clarification should be prefixed with a tilde '~'  so a page-search will find them.   
I (Phil_G) will try to keep the page tidy.   In no particular order:

Board name:  Original Popular Electronics Elf (built for the 2016 Vintage Computer Festival Midwest)
Availability:  Plans, parts list, and parts sources are at
Author/Designer:  Lee Hart, Chuck Yakym, Josh Bensadon, Dave Ruske
Description:  Reproduction of the original wire-wrapped Popular Electronics Elf.

A reproduction of the original Elf, built for the 40th anniversary of the Elf in 2016. It is entirely wire-wrapped (no PC board or soldering). 2 MHz 1802, 256 bytes RAM, 1 output port with LEDs, one input port with switches, expansion connector, A few changes were made to make it cheaper and easier to build and use in the modern world. The website provides current parts sources.


Board name:  Elf Recreation PCB
Availability:   Gerbers released for group membership use
Author/Designer:    Emilio/Rizal
Description:    PCB version of basic Elf faithful to original PE 1976 article, 256 bytes, Q-led, 2-digit hex display, binary keys

There is an associated auto-keyer and hex-keypad project here:
This doesn't detract from 'normal' Elf operation but can significantly reduce the time spent keying-in programs - and is less error prone.
It needs a couple of minor modifications to the Elf toggle wiring, which are very easy to do and are non-destructive (just pull-ups)
PDF Document with photos & diagrams, & nano sketch in the link above.



Board Name: 1802/Mini
Availability: KiCAD and Gerber files available on Github, single boards available through author
Author/Designer: David Madole (david at
Description: A 64K SBC with stackable form factor for expansion (backplane also possible) inspired by the RC1802. Includes power-on reset and ability to jump to ROM at $8000 on reset. Selectable EF line and polarity for TTL-level bit-banged serial I/O. Front panel expansion available with up to 6 hex displays and toggle switches and supports single-stepping. Compact flash interface expansion available to run Elf/OS including support for fast DMA disk I/O. Project under active development, more expansion cards in the works.

Board Name: Super Elf Replica
Availability: Gerber files and ExpressPCB design files available
Author/Designer: David Madole (david at
Description: 40th anniversary recreation of the Quest Super Elf that is 95% true to the original (only keyswitches have been updated). 256 bytes of RAM, 6 hex displays, hex keypad for input. Pixie graphics. Expansion slot should work with cards designed for original.


Board Name: RC1802
Availability: KiCAD and Gerber files available on Github
Author/Designer: Tor-Eirik Lunde
Description: Basic classic Elf design with 2 hex displays and toggle switches, but with expanded memory to 64K. Supports bit-banged serial I/O with selectable polarity on EF3 or EF4.

Board Name: 1802SBC V3  (image is by P. Renaud / 03-05-20 design)
Availability: Design including Gerbers at link below  

Description: Basic 1802 SBC. Supports 32K RAM, 32K of ROM, one RS-232 interface, one 8 bit parallel input port,  one 8 bit parallel output port, jumper selected EF port. Power protection via .5 amp resettable fuse. Reset and interrupt push buttons on PCB. Clock can be jumper selected to run oscillator can, crystal or resonator.  Has custom 40 pin expansion connector with all signals present. Supports both  .3 inch and .6 inch wide RAM.  Runs reliably at 6 MHz using a RCA ACE CPU. Runs MemberShip card software as well as Disk-less MemberCHIP ROM.

Board Name: SBC TinyBasic
Availability:  Contact author 


Description:  National Semiconductor SC/MP NIBL BASIC using the NS INS8073.

Link: None

Reference:  Message # 31250

Board Name:  Membership Card
Availability:  PCBs, facias, kits, part kits 
Author/Designer: Lee Hart
Description: The Membership Card is a reproduction of the original Popular Electronics COSMAC Elf computer, but shrunk into an Altoids tin! Toggle switches and LEDs, no other hardware needed. Options for ROM and RAM, serial hardware interfaces, 8-bit hardware interfaces. BASIC3, MCSMP Super Monitor, Adventureland etc...

Board Name:  Elf 2000
Availability:   Schematics, firmware, and manuals
Author/Designer: Spare Time Gizmos / Bob Armstrong
Description:  The Spare Time Gizmos’ COSMAC Elf 2000 is a reproduction of the original COSMAC Elf as published in the pages of Popular Electronics magazine, August 1976. It tries to keep the look and feel of the original but the Elf 2000 has been updated with the “latest” in hardware.