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VTL2 can be built in several ways, depending on the make target:

  1. make elfos - This makes an Elf/OS install package of the Elf/OS version of VTL2
  2. make dload  - This makes the version of VTL2 that can be downloaded using option "Load Memory" in the Disk-less ROM, allowing you to program on VTL2 on the Disk-less system (This version supports save/load over XMODEM)
  3. make mchip - This makes the version for Lee's MemberCHIP board and meant as a component of the MemberCHIP Disk-less ROM
  4. make hex - This takes the output from the above 3 options and produces and Intel hex file (requires to be installed one directory up)
  5. make bin - This will take the output from options 1 through 3 and will create a pure binary file from the RCS Hex format (requires tobinary to be installed one directory up)
  6. make install - If you are using Mike Riley’s Turnkey system, this will makes it easy to install into the emulator using the Elf OS install command


Check the particular Makefile source for program specific options as they may be different from the VTL2 example above.