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Disktool makes it easy to move files to/from virtual disks.  From the turnkey image, a compiled disktool is in the same directory as the emulator.  Normally disktool when run will open disk1.ide, but if you specify another disk, for example:
./disktool mydisk.ide
Would open mydisk.ide instead.  Below is the documentation for disktool.
Disktool Command Reference
!addr byte byte ...
     Write a sequence of bytes into the sector edit buffer.
CD path
     This command will change the current working directory.  If path is
     preceeded by a leading / then the path is relative to the root directory
     otherwise if no leading / is present then the path is relative to the
     current directory.  the .. notation for one directory up is currently
     not supported.
CHAIN lump
     This command will show the lump numbers in the chain starting with lump
     'lump'.  lump is specified in hex.
COPY src dst
     This command will copy files between the host filesystem and the Elf/OS
     disk.  To distinguish a host file, enclose the name in square brackets.
        COPY [data/zork1.dat] ZORK1.Z3
        Will copy the zork1.dat file located on the host filesystem to the
        current directory of the Elf/OS disk.
     Note: full pathnames are not yet supported for the Elf/OS disk, therefore
           you must use CD to change into the directory you wish to copy
           from/to.  Full pathnames are however supported in host filenames.
     This command will delete the specified file.
     Show the contents of the current directory.  It is not yet supported to
     list the contents of a directory other than the current directory.  The
     following switches may also be used:
          -L - Show starting lump of file
          -S - Show size of file
DUMP file
     Display the contents of a file as a hex dump
     This command will extract the kernel image from the Elf/OS disk and write
     it as a binary file on the host filesystem
FSGEN size
     Generate a blank file system on the Elf/OS disk.  size specifies how
     many sectors (in decimal) the resulting image will have.
     Show the available commands
MD dirname
     This command will create a new subdirectory underneath the current
     directory.  Full pathnames are not yet supported for this command.
     Print the name of the current working directory
RD dir
     This command will remove a directory from the current directory.  The
     directory can only be removed if it is empty.
RENAME old new
     This command will rename a file.  Since the new file is a rename of the
     old file, a directory path is invalid in the new name.  It is however
     allowed to have a full path for old.  The file will be renamed in the
     specified directory.  It is not moved while being renamed.
     Display a hex dump of the specified sector.  'num' is specified in hex.
     The sector is also loaded into the sector edit buffer.
     Display the sector currently loaded into the sector edit buffer.
     Show the current statistics for the Elf/OS disk.
SYS file
     This command will take the specified binary file and install it as the
     kernel on the Elf/OS disk.
TYPE file
     This command will type out the ascii contents of the specified file.
     Write sector buffer back to disk.
     This will quit the disktool.


  • Only the CD command can accept full pathnames.  All other file/directory arguments must be single names.
  •  All numbers requested from the user must be in hex.
  • When disktool is started, it automatically opens disk1.ide for the Elf/OS disk.  You can specify another disk device/file on the command line when starting disktool.