Unused NOS Quest Elf blank PCB and case on eBay


Hi All,

Have not visited in quite a while now but have had some health issues keeping me a bit preoccupied.  I am thinning out my Cosmac stuff so others can have a go at it.  I got two NOS unused Quest Elf (not the super Elf, but the original Quest Elf) blank PCB's with the parts lists and some neat special mahogany cases for them from Paul Messenger years ago, the only two kits he had left.  I put the first kit on eBay and wanted to let you chaps know.  (I realize there is sometimes some hard feelings about eBay but to be honest I need the money.  These health issues were not cheap and I will be selling a lot more than merely my computer stuff).  I will post the second kit as soon as the first sells.  I am still digging some other Cosmac and 1802 stuff out and will put it up there as soon as I find it and will let you know.  I am not sure I can post a direct link but an eBay search will find it.   Anyway, my best wishes to all of you. 
Cheers, Stewart M.