Studio IV - Tiny BASIC #Emulator

Marcel van Tongeren

Hi All,

Recently I discovered that RCA developed a Tiny BASIC for the unreleased Studio IV. Thanks to some information I received from Ed (ekeefe8051), I was able to get it running in the Studio IV emulation in Emma 02. Ed is always a great source of information, but prefers to talk one-on-one off the forum. 

The VIP/VP700 Tiny BASIC and Studio IV Tiny BASIC are very similar and both use a dedicated pseudo code which is a bit like Chip 8 and other pseudo codes for the 1802. Luck would have it that we found a printed version of both the VIP and Studio IV pseudo code parts, still missing is the original interpreter part for the Studio IV. However with a full version of the VIP and the pseudo code for the Studio IV I have managed to port the VIP interpreter back to the Studio IV and now have a Tiny BASIC version running on the Studio IV. 

I have tested all commands so I believe it is functionally the same as the original. Of course code wise it will be different. I have also created 32K RAM versions which will definitely differ more. I believe the Studio IV only was supposed to have 4K RAM and that 4K was followed by the color RAM more or less limiting the max RAM size. I found 4K a bit limited as 1K is used as video RAM leaving less than 3K for user memory.

Main challenge was actually to change as little as possible and keep the Studio IV routines in the same 4K ROM size as the VIP routines.

I will upload binaries and a rough assembly file to the file section. The assembly file is generated by Emma 02 and includes pseudo code in comments.

Versions available:
- 32K RAM / PAL
- 32K RAM / NTSC
- 4K RAM / PAL

I will release all this in a new Emma 02 version hopefully within a few weeks/month, for anyone who would like to give it a spin now I have made a windows 3264 and OSX beta.

Cheers, Marcel.