Preliminary parts list

Mike Riley

For those who were interested in a parts kit, I put together a quick parts list with digi-key part numbers and prices (some are Jameco).  Note that this is a preliminary list, I am not 100% certain on a couple of the parts so there may be some revision.  Also some parts are on the high side, like the push button (has the right pinout, but not sure if the spacing is right, and might be able to find a suitable one cheaper) and the decoupling caps, .23 each seems excessive to me and so i think with a little more looking around I can do better on those.  But this will at least give an overall idea of what parts are needed and what the cost of a parts kit will be.  I did not put the price for the cpu, mainly because they are not generally available and so source prices can vary wildly depending on where you get them.  Depending on how many people actually want a parts kit, might be able to get to some of the price breaks on digi-key and get a few of the parts cheaper.

I still have a few CDP1802BCEs and a couple CDP1802ACEs that I will be willing to part with but I will need to check my stock to see just how many I am willing to let go of, I do not know the price at the moment since I do not remember what I paid for them, I will have to do some digging around to see what I paid for them, but as a guestimate on what I would want for them would be about $25.

Remember that this is preliminary.  The most likely parts that may change are the push button, decoupling caps, the ram chip, the rom chip and the electrolytics for the Max232.  Resister prices will most likely be way cheaper, more like 0.01 each, afterall they can be bought in bulk pretty cheap, the prices here were the digi-key single unit prices.

IC1     74ls373               296-1660-5-ND             0.93       0.93
IC2     28c256 eeprom         74843 (jameco)            5.95       5.95
IC3     74ls04                296-1629-5-ND             0.73       0.73
IC4     74ls138               296-1639-5-ND             0.84       0.84
IC5     74ls32                296-1658-5-ND             0.61       0.61
IC6     74ls00                296-1626-ND               0.64       0.64
IC7     Max232                296-1402-5-ND             1.49       1.49
IC8     74ls75                296-3744-5-ND             2.19       2.19
IC9     74ls32                296-1658-5-ND             0.61       0.61
IC10    74ls00                296-1626-ND               0.64       0.64
IC11    74ls74                296-1668-5-ND             0.61       0.61
IC12    74ls86                296-1669-5-ND             0.61       0.61
IC13    CY7C199 (32k ram)     242376 (jameco)           3.95       3.95
IC14    CDP1802                                                        
        Crystal Oscillator    110-MXO45-3C-4M000000-ND  2.15       1.15
        2x4  pin header       952-1788-ND               0.30       0.30
        2x20 pin header       732-5310-ND               1.89       1.89
        2x20 pin header       732-5310-ND               1.89       1.89
        Push button           2281479 (Jameco)          8.49       8.49
C1-C4   1uf electrolytic      493-10420-1-ND            0.26       1.04
C5-C18  0.1uf ceramic         399-9859-1-ND             0.23       3.22
        power connector       232282 (Jameco)           0.29       0.29
r6-R12  47kohm                CF14JT47K0CT-ND           0.10       0.70
R13,R14 330ohm                CF14JT330RCT-ND           0.10       0.20
        14pin sockets x 8     AE9989-ND                 0.22       1.76
        16pin sockets x 3     AE9992-ND                 0.25       0.75
        20pin socket          AE9998-ND                 0.29       0.29
        28pin .3 socket       123-AR28-HZL/01/7-TT-ND   2.54       2.54
        28pin .6 socket       AE10004-ND                0.42       0.42
        40pin socket          AE10008-ND                0.51       0.51