Pico/Elf Companion Board

Mike Riley

Hello All,
   I was recently asked about the possibility of a companion board for the Pico/Elf that would provide the data display, address displays and Q led.  I actually already have a design for a Pico/Elf companion I/O board that does have the 2 data displays, 4 address displays, Q led, and a hex keypad.  Although I am not currently interested in pursuing development of that board, I am curious how many people would actually be interested in it?  If there was enough interest I would consider going back to that design and having a prototype made for testing.  If you would like to see development of the Pico/Elf companion I/O board, contact me privately.  Please note that I am just trying to find out about the feasibility of proceeding with development of that board, which would be after I finish with the Pico/Elf V2 board. 

Remember, contact me privately if you have interest in this board and not in the group.