Netronics Elf Case and Expansion Boards

P Todd Decker

It never hurts to put things out there to the public, who knows what will turn up.

First some background . .  when I was a boy in seventh grade I traded some child labor to a fellow in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  I soldered a bunch of parallel and serial cables for him. In exchange, he paid me by teaching me how to solder and, more relevant to this group, by giving me the bare board, parts, and sockets for the Netronics Elf II (Rev C, white key caps).  I built it, got it working, and worked through as much of Tom Pitmann’s programming book as I could with its 256-byte RAM and no ROM.  Since that was many years ago, the board needs to be rebuilt—the crystal is shot, a capacitor is broken, and the RUN toggle switch is broken off.  All easy fixes.  Also, for some reason, R1, R3, and C5 were never installed so I’ll need to figure out from the schematic what is up with that.  I’ll also go ahead and replace the couple other electrolytic caps on it while I’m at it.  Beyond that, everything is original.  I have the RCA TX10171X and RCA CDP1802CE chips along with all 70’s vintage support chips.

The 1802 has held a fond place in my heart ever since and I’m enterally grateful for the opportunity it gave me.  The Elf is pretty much the driver of my interest all the way to today in electronics, computers, software, etc.

I got back into the 1802 by building the Rev A Membership Card.  I also built the SpareTime Gizmos COSMAC Elf but I’m freaking out a bit because I cannot locate it anywhere in the house… I also have a Rev B Membership Card that I need to build.

Anyway, enough background, on to my “ask” . . .

With respect to my Netronics…. I never owned the blue case with the clear cover for the expansion boards.  I also never owned any expansion boards nor have the edge connectors for the motherboard.

Should you come across any of these in your travels, please keep me in mind.  It would mean so much to me to be able to not only get my old Netronics back into working condition (which I will do) but also to be able to build it out proper as I never was able to do back in junior high.

P. Todd Decker