How to make sure everyone can see your email address in your special posting

Hank Riley

That other method (using the web for web-reading members) only works for moderators I just discovered. 

So a good thing to do if you think you might be getting a few replies from different people to something you've posted (like FOR SALE stuff), and you'd like them to be made as direct emails to you and not postings to the list, is to give YOUR EMAIL right off the bat in a disguised form such as the familiar "AT DOT" style I showed earlier today.  

If you don't, the people reading COSMAC ELF by the web will have no way to know your email address.  They could always ask a moderator to look it up for them, but better for everyone to make it so you email is displayed and it's so easy to do.

Or this more fancy image style if you'd really like to make really sure your email won't be scraped by bots wandering around the net looking for live emails to collect.  I think the AT DOT way is good enough.

Inline image

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 12:01:27 PM EDT, Hank  wrote:

You can also find any member's email address through the website ... 

Stuart Remphrey

I concur -- I read the list via daily digest (as a non-moderator pleb!), which sends basically a list of web interface links: unfortunately excluding the original posters' address.