CDP18S024 - EK/Assembler-Editor design Kit for the RCA COSMAC Evaluation Kit CDP18S020 #mcds

Joe Blackburn

This is a three-ROM set CDP18S024. Hoping we can find a set and backup the ROMs to our files section.

Contains the Editor, Debugger and Assembler for the COSMAC Evaluation Kit, and was also used in the MCDS in various arrangements.

Photo of the CDP18S652B Memory-Tape I/O Control microboard, with the above ROMs installed. In addition, the board carries the UT62 ROM, and six ROMs for the BASIC 3 ROMs. The BASIC is 18S841 BASIC3 Development Firmware.


 I believe we have this stuff.
This is Herb Johnson's site. He's got some documentation and pointers
to more.
 It seems that at least UT62 and maybe the Edit/Asm and Basic have been run under
Emma 02.

Joe Blackburn

There are half a dozen different "BASIC" compliers and interpreters for the kits. This was an early one, and prob somewhat more compact.

I'll have to check with Marcel to see which one they used. I didn't think he used the Editor, Debugger and Assembler from those ROMS, though, again. I'll have to see what he says. I know he has FPBASIC, but that was from tape, and quite a different animal.

The BASIC3 18S841 came in the three ROMs, along with separate Run-Time BASIC.

What I'd really like to see is a folder in our files area, where the ROMs and other software are located in one place - and correctly labelled.

At last count, the Utility ROMs got up to UT81 or UT82. I'm sure we don't have all of those.

I'm trying to gather what I need for the restoration of an actual MCDS.