Pico/Elf V2 disk-less ROM

Mike Riley

Well, there appears to be enough interest in a disk-less ROM for the Pico/Elf, so I will go ahead and put one together.  This will probably be done in two phases, phase 1 will use the existing ROM versions of Rc/Basic L2, Rc/Forth, Rc/Lisp, EDTASM, and Visual-02.  In phase 2 I will add the ability for these programs to load/save to the CF card.

Visual-02 is new program I have been working on, which is a program that can single step 1802 code and lets you see all the registers and how things change, figured it would be a useful tool for those wanting to learn assembly language for the 1802.  Since Visual-02 executes 1802 code in a controlled environment, mistakes in coding will not cause a fatal crash that would require a reset.  Visual-02 will also be linked with EDTASM so that EDTASM can invoke Visual-02 for execution, and allow Visual-02 to return to the EDTASM environment for program editing.