Altaid 8800 #MembershipCard


Hi Greg,

I'm starting a new thread for this topic.  Helps to keep organized.

>Lee's Altaid 8800 switches and LEDs,  Amazing!

Yes, I have a prototype unit built using some of the new bright LED's... wow, it looks like candy to me!
>may be sacrilege, but if worse comes to worse, Altoids-like metal tins are available in a slew of sizes slightly larger than the Altoids real deal.

Sacrilege, lol!  Yes, thanks for the reminder.  I once commented that if he could do this in an Altoids box, there's no end to what he could do if he had a cookie tin!

I do agree with you, there's probably a lot more that can be done if he went to a bigger size.  Imagine the computer he could build if he had to fill an entire ALTAIR 8800 box?
Even the good folks at MITS must have thought the ALTAIR was too big... their next computer, the ALTAIR 680 became much smaller, "The small wonder of the micro-world".

If he did want to go bigger, your alternatives are definitely a good place to start, but there are more choices.  Lots of project boxes available in any size.  I really like the ones where they have PCB guides... I keep thinking that would make an excellent box for a back plane.  Search Digikey boxes, they have a features filter called "Cards" that narrow the search to boxes with these card guides.  A setup of pin headers and sockets (like the Heathkit H8) would keep costs low.. unless edge card connectors can be cheaper?? I don't know.

Besides cost of bigger boxes, I think Lee's biggest reason to squeeze it into Altoids is for the novelty.  Well, in the case of the Altaid, it's a clever name. But aside from this project, it's just the cuteness and popularity of this tin!  One of his data sheets includes voltage, current and scent!  He wasn't the first or only person to get attracted to this box.  I think there are many small radio projects that were fitted into this box because of it's shielding property.  

Of course, we are all just overlooking the obvious.  Perhaps Lee just has an addiction to mints?
There's nothing wrong with this.  Lee, I understand and accept you just the way you are!
If you want, you can always get help from Altoids Anonymous?

Josh Bensadon