Emma 02 V1.31 #Emulator

Marcel van Tongeren

Hi there,

Today I released a new version of Emma 02, V1.31.

Main addition is the CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit emulator with a 'real' single step mode, I have also introduced the same single step mode for the Super Elf which is actually a little nicer as it uses TILs instead of just led's for the address and data bus values. I based the single step implementation on the few examples in the CDP18S020 manual and the 180x data-sheets. By doing so I did make some guesses here and there so if anyone has proof something should work differently please let me know.

Some other improvements include the 1804/1805 BCD Subtraction fix, 1804/1805 timing corrections, video timing corrections for the Coin Arcade, VELF and Studio IV and some smaller improvements and bug fixes.

For the full list of changes have a look at the changelog.
Downloads are available for Windows 32/64 bit, OS-X and Linux deb/rpm.

Cheers, Marcel.