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Magnus Kesselmark

Shortly ....

I am Magnus (or unofficially Soundbrigade, due to my great interest in audio/HiFi), living in the land of small people (Sweden). I am an electronic engineer but are assembling fire vents at a very small company in the small and sh*tty town of Vänersborg not far from Gothenburg.

I got hooked on the 1802 when I saw the article about the PE Elf back in 1978 and at my job, we assembled a kit to use for training. later I bought a CPU fopr myself and had an operating Elf until 1998 when the basement was raided and everyuthing that looked valuable was stolen (my box with electronic components). The Elf-ideas were dropped and I have since spent a lot of time assembling speakers and tube amplifiers ( But just a few weeks ago I ordered a CDP1802, a 2K RAM and an 82C55 in order to once again be back in the Cosmac swamps, just to discover that I propably ditched my old 1802 ´books recently as I didn't think I would never have another go ...

Back then I had planned to have the Elf to control a model railway layout, but the railway stuff was stolen together with the electronics. Today I just want to learn how to fly the 1802 and possible have it hooked up to some synthesizers and music instruments I am about to build.

... and I just found the 'Programmer's Guide To The 1802 (With an assembler for your machine)' by Tom Swan. Also I will get the EFA-books (Electronics For All, but in Swedish) from our library and "rip" (electronically) the chapters on the version of Elf appearing in the books.


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