Re: MSI88/e Running the IDIOT/4 Monitor


You rock, Bill!! That's just too cool. I haven't checked in here in a
while, but now I will have to check in more frequently, and probably
even start re-exploring this beast (after you paved the way).


--- In cosmacelf@..., "Bill Rowe" <bill_rowe@...> wrote:

As of this morning I have the idiot/4 monitor running in the MSI/88e
- can
you say woohoo!

I need to get a better serial connection going now so i can start
the hardware. The picture below shows my moment of victory with the
semi-eviscerated MSI box connected to my laptop via the arduino
If you have very tiny eyes you can make out the idiot/4 prompt on
the laptop
screen amid all the debug clutter.

Again, woohoo! Thanks again to dave for sending me the 88e and to
lee and
others for their work on the cpu schematic.

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