Re: Noob question: examine arbitrary memory address? #ELF #memory



Great trouble shooting!  You really spotted the problem there when the 74LS10 input was lifting the logic.
You have nothing to apologize for, it was not a well thought out design.  It should never have been a 74LS10, but instead a 4023 as per the original ELF.
I'm guessing the designer of that circuit doesn't know from TTL/CMOS.  How long has that design been posted for on Github?  Can you have it corrected? 
I wonder why no one else corrected it before you?

300 baud sounds slow, but it's still faster than I can think!  


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YES! Thanks all!
I swapped out the 47K for a 3K3, and look what happened.. Not only did the strobe start working but the serial port burst into life! (If 300 baud can burst anything).

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