Re: Noob question: examine arbitrary memory address? #ELF #memory

gregory simmons

What amazes me is, when I finally figure out what a problem was, it seems so obvious that I don't understand why I didn't figure it out a lot sooner.  This seems to have been a pattern for me for decades.

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That's the spirit!  I do very much the same when trouble shooting.... turn stones, poke it with a stick, etc.  Besides, it's a great programming exercise. 

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Yes, the CPU is running says the logic analyzer, and signals seem present. A friend is also building the exact same kit, so when that is complete and we can rule out more of my construction errors. In the meantime I might just try writing some code to try and generate data on the fly - i.e. a loop that does nothing but send out a ‘U’ would be very useful! I love puzzles like this.

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