Re: COSMAC variants

Dennis Boone

Hi Dennis - That is what the data sheets say, but in 2017 I took some
> measurements comparing 9 genuine RCA CDP1802AEs, 6 genuine RCA
> CDP1802ACEs and 3 "seller refurbished" (marked Intersil) chips with
> similar underside numbers to make a 9:9 comparison. I posted the
> results to the group in a thread that can be found by searching the
> group messages with the string "challenge 1802ae".


Thanks. I followed your original discussion with interest, and that
thread was the reason I was careful to say "spec" rather than "actual
performance." I was having trouble re-finding the thread. The main
thing I was after in this query was to make sure that the AE(X) chips
don't have some other significant difference from e.g. the ACE ones.


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