Re: Noob question: examine arbitrary memory address? #ELF #memory



The worse part of pressing IN 32K times is by the time you get to 31559, the phone rings with a wrong number asking for 31669... oh crap! 1, 2, 3....

Chucks code is the perfect way to do it and learn a bit of coding while at it.

In case you haven't already, please read Popular Electronics COSMAC ELF article 1.  Aug 1976.  
It was written by Joseph Weisbecker, the creator of the 1802.  He did an amazing job at writing that article, explaining without all the clutter.  

You can download it by searching for it.  Or download a scan of the whole magazine at
Go to Technical/Engineering then Consumer Electronics.  There you can spend months reading back issues, but if you would like a quick list of selected articles, try Rich Cini's site at


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Subject: [cosmacelf] Noob question: examine arbitrary memory address? #ELF #Memory
Is it possible to examine the contents of an arbitrary memory address, without pressing the IN button multiple times? I’d like to check if a ROM I am programming is where I think it is - but pressing IN 32768 times seems a little tedious.

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