Re: Noob question: examine arbitrary memory address? #ELF #memory

Lee Hart

John Kennedy wrote:
Thanks Lee. I’m afraid I don’t have the MC (yet) and this is a RC1802
system. I would like to explore the memory map, rather than stick the ROM
at 0000, so writing a program looks like the way! Thanks for the pointer!
You're most welcome. For a software solution, Chuck's program (posted earlier today) will quickly get you going. :-)

BTW, I’m guessing with a 1Mhz clock I’m not going to have much luck with
a serial port, am I?
That's no problem at all, John. The 1802 can easily bit-bang high baud rates even with a 1 MHz clock.

The old RCA UT4 (or IDIOT4) monitor will bit-bang to 1200 baud, and newer programs like Chuck Yakym's MCSMP20 monitor will do 4800 baud.

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