Re: Noob question: examine arbitrary memory address? #ELF #memory


    Here is a simple program that will display the ROM byte by byte to the Membership Cards
LED's using the IN push button.
   0000   90            INIT    GHI    R0
   0001   a2                      PLO    R2
   0002   f8 80                  LDI    80H
   0004   b2                      PHI    R2    ;R2 points to memory to display
   0005   e2                      SEX    R2    ;set X=2
   0006   64            NEXT OUT    4    ;output byte to LED's
   0007   3f 07                  BN4    $-0    ;wait for IN key depression
   0009   37 09                 B4    $-0    ;wait for IN release
   000b   30 06                 BR    NEXT    ;get next byte to output

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