Re: ASCII Video Terminal - Getting Started help

Stephen Cass

From experience with mine, you should be able to call up a configuration menu with a keyboard and display, even without anything connected to the serial port. Use Shift-F12

Cheers, S.

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 1:32 AM Alan Jones <oalanjones@...> wrote:
I finished building my ASCII Video Terminal. I have a PS/2 keyboard, VGA monitor, and external 5v power supply connected. I don't have anything connected to the serial port yet. I just wanted to make sure the video portion of the terminal is working first. With nothing happening on the vga monitor the circuit is drawing 21 mA at 5v dc. Does that sound right? The red LED is off and the bootloader header is not jumpered. I checked the 3.3v regulator and it is working. What should I check next?


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