Re: 40 each 1802ACE chips (Chinese Scrappers?)

Magnus Kesselmark

I love when they pack ICs that way..... not.

I have 5 Chinese 1802s to test.

/Magnus Kesselmark

13 mars 2020 05:33:25 +01:00, skrev Mike McLaren, K8LH <k8lh@...>:

If anyone is interested...  I recently purchased 40 each chips at a very low price from a vendor on AliExpress and the chips I received were clearly "pulls".  Several chips had scratches, gouges, and sticker residue and AliExpress was quick to provide a full refund when I opened a dispute.  Still, 25 or so chips were in good condition with good markings and all but four (4) of the forty (40) chips tested good. 

The order was supposed to include 40 each CDP1802ACE chips but I actually got 39 chips with mixed suffixes and one Harris CDP1854ACE (date code 006) in very nice condition and with good markings which I've yet to test.  'Twas an interesting experience, to say the least...

---  RCA  -----
 1  'AE   (419)
 1  'CE   (936)
 1  'AEX  (719)
 1  'AEX  (632)
 2  'ACEX (...)
12  'ACE  (...)

---  Harris  ---
 1  'BCE  (045)
 1  'CE   (9136)
15  'ACE  (....)

 1  CDP1854ACE (006)

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