Re: Alternatives to TIL311 type LED hex displays

Magnus Kesselmark

This was a great display!

Howevr one alternative is actually TIL311. I bought maybe 5 years ago a pack of 10 TILs from AliExpress seller. The price was fair (low actually) and they all worked perfectly. Looking around And picking a ack that seems good with a normal (low) price can well be a way to get the ‘original’.

/Magnus Kesselmark

9 mars 2020 13:57:55 −05:00, skrev Mike McLaren, K8LH <k8lh@...>:

David Johnson-Davies posted a nice 8-digit Alpha-Numeric I2C display example on his blog using the Holtek HT16K33 mentioned earlier.  Remember, too, the HT16K33 supports a matrix of up to 39 key switches...

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