Re: CDP1802 "Kit"

Magnus Kesselmark

Got a bunch of 1802’s from AliX. Cannot remember the price, but they were cheap. However not tested. Ordered a bunch (10) of SID circuits but sold them later. All were OK, but one or two of the 10 had a little low OP volume.
Also invested in two pairs 2SJ50/2SK135. Still have to check those up (for a future hybrid amp).

Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2019 8:52 PM
Subject: Re: [cosmacelf] CDP1802 "Kit"
Does anyone purchase parts from Vendors on AliExpress?  In the last few years I've purchased '1802ACE chips (77 cents ea. @ qty 10), '1805ACE chips (free, pulls), '1806 chips (90 cents ea. @ qty 2), some 74HC573 chips (17.6 cents ea. @ qty 20), and a bunch of 128K HM628128 RAM ICs (average price 68 cents) and I've had good results.  Unfortunately, a reciprocal shipping agreement was cancelled in March so most items are a bit more expensive now but you can still find some bargains.

Happy Holidays.  Mike, K8LH

From: "Stuart Remphrey" <stu@...>
Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2019 11:41:31 AM
Subject: Re: [cosmacelf] CDP1802 "Kit"
Yup, their "Your price" is now higher at $12.95 -- but the "What you get" parts list still says $9.95 -- oops!
Still no 74HC373 included, though they sell them for 79c.
Or 74HC573 at 98c for "straighter" wiring if on bread/perf/strip-board?
Plus of course Lee's very generous PCB/ROM deal.
Hmm, also 74HC688 for 1.18; still could make up a reasonable parts-set for not much.

(Though for me that's 2 sets of international postage to Singapore, probably the most expensive "part"s!  -- maybe an excuse to by more, to better amortise shipping costs?!)

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