Re: Prototyping PCBs and Ipso Facto / ACE 1802 PCBs... #Serial #IpsoFacto #Electronics


I've read that some brands of laser printers work better than others with toner transfer.
Brother is said to work poorly, HP better. The Brother toner doesn't stick well to the copper surface.
 In the printer preferences set it to "Dark" rather than "Toner Saver" to get a thick toner layer.
 Also, it's said to print the pattern on the flimsy clay-coated paper found in the advertising stuffers
in the newspaper. When you soak the paper off the clay dissolves and takes the paper with it.
 Perhaps a brief dip in the echant to roughen the copper surface so as to hold the toner better.

Also check out:  and

I wonder if it's not easier to design the board in KiCad and send it to OSH Park.

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