Re: Prototyping PCBs and Ipso Facto / ACE 1802 PCBs... #Serial #IpsoFacto #Electronics



Tricks to make boards.

THe most common for one off is a cleaned piece of board and a Sharpie marker.
The ink in the marker is resistant to most etching solutions. Fast and cheap.

For years (many decades) a favorite for one off board is clear packing tape or
similar and usually 2" wide but can be found wider.   So packing tape and a
fresh Xacto knife blade and a while in ferric-chloride gets me a board.  Two
sided I use tape both sides.

The other uses sensitized board and a a light table with clear (acetate)
sheets with a printed pattern advantage is for small more than one to
maybe 10 boards works well and for two sided its more work but I've
found it good.

The latter technique can use used to scan and reproduce boards.

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