Re: Software serial and overclocked 1802's #microboards #system1

Lee Hart

Mark Moulding wrote:
Jameco is now selling some of the same fake remarked ICs that you
can get on ebay. I bought a batch of 32k RAMs from them that were
obviously re-marked, and all bad. Caveat emptor./

I hope you called them about this. Jameco is a family-owned company
(just down the street from me, in fact), and I've found that they are
quite responsive to customer feedback.
I did; and they refunded my money. But it caused extra grief, because I had shipped a couple to customers who found them bad.

I really wish that they'd re-spin their god-awful web site.
Agreed. Its search capability is pitiful, and it's hard to find things that I *know* they have because there are so many errors in their descriptions.

I too still use their paper catalog (which is great).

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