Re: Software serial and overclocked 1802's #microboards #system1

Mark Moulding

But I have to say... they are now getting into el-crappo Chinese junk parts. Jameco is now selling some of the same fake remarked ICs that you can get on ebay. I bought a batch of 32k RAMs from them that were obviously re-marked, and all bad. Caveat emptor.

I hope you called them about this.  Jameco is a family-owned company (just down the street from me, in fact), and I've found that they are quite responsive to customer feedback.  I have noticed this trend from them also; I just bought some quarter-watt resistors from them, and it's amazing just how thin the lead wires are...

I really wish that they'd re-spin their god-awful web site.  I spoke with one of their executives about it, and they're well aware that its usability is poor, especially compared to the exemplary models of DigiKey or Mouser.  Apparently they took a wrong turn many years ago, and creating a new web site would be prohibitively expensive.  Frankly, I believe that it's currently so bad that they're costing themselves a lot in lost sales, even though their prices are very competitive.  When I'm looking for some components, I actually find it easier and definitely more reliable to look at their paper catalog rather than try to find it on-line.

I believe that a simple cleansing of their data, with their current web site, would help a great deal (same searchable fields for all similar components, correct and consistent value units for reliable searching, etc.) would go a long way towards improving it at a relatively low cost.  It shouldn't take too many man hours to go manually through their 50,000 item catalog, with a data entry person and a knowledgeable engineer.

Mark Moulding

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