Re: Software serial and overclocked 1802's #microboards #system1

Lee Hart

ajparent1/kb1gmx wrote:
Already been there. Jameco has been a long time supplier I've used
going back to the 70s.
Same for me. I borrowed one of their 1970's ads from an old Byte magazine to use in my Z80MC manual ( page 13). You can see they had just about all the same parts needed for vintage computing today (and their prices).

Jameco has always sold surplus; manufacturer over-runs, stuff they bought at an auction when a company went out of business, etc. But I have to say... they are now getting into el-crappo Chinese junk parts. Jameco is now selling some of the same fake remarked ICs that you can get on ebay. I bought a batch of 32k RAMs from them that were obviously re-marked, and all bad. Caveat emptor.

Looking at the various board there is a lot of repeated circuitry
(mostly for bus) so I'm
looking at if I do this how to cut the total parts
One feature of CMOS is its negligible input current. You often don't need bus drivers; that can save a lot of chips. You just get more capacitive loading, so the ultimate maximum speed isn't as high.


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