Re: Software serial and overclocked 1802's #microboards #system1


The problem is the 1802 has its limits and then memory has finite speed
so  you can exhaust any one of those before another might quit.

Tweaking the code and someone did that can by some serious speed
when combined with faster clock.  Serious is 9600 and faster!

The problem with that is that still a burst rate and sustained output 
can be very much slower.  An example of this running a EELF
at 4mhz a TB program in ram will still take more than 10 seconds
to spit out 2000 chars (enough to fill a 80x25 screen) at 57600
though hardware UART).  At that point we are processing limited
not bit bashing limited.  That only slightly slower than bitbash at
4800.  Also granted that TB was not a speed wiz, just a compact
integer basic.


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