Re: Membership Card Rev JK2 - Tiny Basic Hex file #MembershipCard #BASIC



One of the issues with in general is that most users are Email based and
this very note if left idle for a week is effectively forgotten even thought the web version
you can look back and all.  So despite a huge history of questions and answers 
the same questions will reappear and get forgotten.

Hint: there is a Wiki and its editable.  Stuff that pops up needs to be there if only
so "read the wiki" has meaning.

As to 1802 software, if there is any standards it is the lack of any, save for those that
RCA built to or suggested.    A week or so ago I whinged about old programs are often
hex only, no source.  Rather than rehash, it makes for tracking down those "special"
addresses part of the un fun work.   The end result is that While the 1802 is very
capable processor its sorta stuck in the late 70s or requires new from the ground
up development.  Same reason old ways are awkward to use with some new ways.

That's not your fault as preserving what has been done is a big deal.  However
old code has that issue that doing something new without complete context is a pain
or a bit of forensic re-engineering.


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