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Ray: to your point. You are mistaken in your assumptions.

Chuck failed to post, that the user's problem was with their serial interface and how my particular Tiny BASIC plus IDIOT monitor, in the binary given, didn't happen to fit this guy's use of Lee's 1802 Membership Card. His problems were not with my flavor of "Tiny BASIC", which is the same Tom Piittman's code from RCA of decades ago. The various "version" differ, in monitor-like code and how "serial" is implemented. Ray - please take note of this description of Tiny BASIC variations.

So Chuck - you left the impression that you used your code, because my code was defective or faulty in some way. And so, Ray posts in effect "why does Herb have this nonworking version of Tiny BASIC?". That's what he implied. Ray, I'm sure Chuck used his code, because it was familiar to him; he was not obliged to use mine. The guy wanted a working Tiny BASIC, Chuck gave him one that worked - problem solved.

But pardon me, if this leaves me unhappy. The problems with COSMAC programs and computers, which use EF3 or EF4, and Q, to operate as a software serial UART,- all in different ways, on any kind of modern computer and USB/serial dongle - have been discussed many times in this discussion list. My Web pages include several on the subject. Chuck should have pointed to this as the problem, to avoid confusion about my particular version of Tiny BASIC.Those unfamiliar, can search my site and the Web and this discussion group for details.

I've added a note to my TB Web page, to point to my IDIOT monitor Web page, which discusses the issue of setting up the EF's and Q. That may help the next person who uses my TB and gets stuck. By the way: my guess that it was a RAM problem? Not a problem. Thanks to Loren Christensen for verifying that is not a problem.

I hope those who read my Web pages, get the idea that I'm trying to help them out, and provide tools and means to work with their COSMAC computers, the 1802 MC in particular. I give them means to contact me if they have problems. I am sorry the user did not contact me, but that's not his obligation to do so. But when my code is mentioned in a public forum, I feel obliged to speak up, and of course to help some user of it if I can. So pardon me again, for being unhappy that I spent time on this Thanksgiving, trying to help this user - and was left explaining how one's persons fix did not mean my code was particularly at fault. And I've learned something about giving help when I was not asked personally for help.

Herb Johnson

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