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Dan, sorry I didn't get your email directly to me, about something I offer on my Web site. And I don't follow cosmacelf in real-time. I found your post today.

is the link to my Web page, where I describe the Tiny BASIC I offer. It helps to read some documentation, and to refer others you ask, to the same documentation. I believe Lee Hart's TB binary ZIP file, is exactly my file - he has a copy and a different link to it on his Web site.

You describe your use of the 1802 MC rev JK2, as *all RAM* with some kind of hardware loader.

*BINGO* Not many people, operate the 1802 MC in all-RAM.

Well, the Tiny BASIC expects to see itself in ROM. When TB starts, it looks around to see where RAM is, and then sets up the highest RAM locations for variables and such, and just below that for programs. It also looks in ROM, to find a BASIC program, and loads THAT into RAM to operate it. You'd have to read the TB source-code, to get that information. But the Web page does describe a ROM/RAM environment many times.

All those tests will goof up, if TB is operated from RAM. When Loren was working on this TB (as mentioned on my Web page and in the ZIP file), he disabled the RAM-search and set it up to use a fixed location for RAM. I'm not gonna guess the details "on the fly". I don't have those details in hand, it was well over a year ago. But other people including him, may be able to provide specific fixes to the source, after they read the source, which is in the ZIP file.

If you please: I'll be glad to host the fixes that someone determines. My apologies for not working on it myself but I'm pointing pretty hard at how one might do that.

.You also posted "Working to get A18 up and running on a Pi but got over a 1000 errors on compile."

That's another problem and story. But A18 is documented and if you are getting that many errors, it's very likely because whatever C compiler you are using, is unhappy about the C syntax of the A18 C source, or is unhappy about some compilation feature. I can't debug C compilers."Reading the fine Web page" may be informative. While I offer a Windows 32-bit MSDOS executable, I don't offer a Linux or OS X executable if that's your OS. If you check my A18 Web page, there's a link to another person who offers a github "spin" of A18, which he documents, so you can see if that works better. There are other 1802 cross assemblers too, but you'll likely have to make some C syntax adjustments. Still, A18 is surprisingly portable.

Failing to assemble Tiny BASIC, you may find you can binary-patch it, to get around the all-RAM problem. (shrug) this is what people did in the ancient 8-bit world.

That's all I've got today. Good luck and sorry, but after all, these are the problems people encountered decades ago, too. Same hardware, same software, same problems. A good part of the fun at the time, was making things work!

Regards and good holidays
Herb Johnson

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