Re: Membership Card Rev JK2 - Tiny Basic Hex file #MembershipCard #BASIC

Lee Hart

dmatyja2002 wrote:
Hello group,

Does anyone have a working Tiny Basic hex/bin file that I can load
on my all memory (32K LO & HI) Membership card rev. JK2, that I
recently completed? I tried the hex file here -->
It is trying to work but perhaps a active low/high serial issue?
I have a copy on my website as well. It's also from Christiansen's work, but it does run on my 1802MC. I'm using an RS-232 interface, and an old PC with a real serial port and DOS modem program set to 2400 baud, 7N1 format.

It seems like most of the problems people have are on the PC end. There are all sorts of "gotchas" in getting a USB-serial adapter to work, and configuring all the confusing options on modern terminal programs. So I'd start there; make sure you can successfully send/receive serial data even without the 1802MC involved.


Gregg Levine wrote:
Lee, I'm using the term "board" where our questioner used the term
"Membership card rev. JK2" because someone such as myself would want
to make use of the schematic for it, but to stretch the build onto
larger boards.
Yep; that's quite all right. I named it the "membership card" precisely as an entry point to the 1802. You have to get them started somehow!

Building an original Elf is hard! Rare/obsolete parts, no PC board so you have to wire-wrap it, etc. So I made an "all in one" package with all the parts and easy assembly, to introduce people to this fascinating CPU.

It seems to have worked. Many people have gone on to build ever more impressive 1802 builds, learning and growing as they go!


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