Re: Membership Card Rev JK2 - Tiny Basic Hex file #MembershipCard #BASIC


Hi Gregg,

I am using Don's loader -->
It requires an Arduino and MCP23017 Port Expander chip which I have connected to a Window 7 box to run the Python tools (see attached photo).
I am also using a Teensy 2.0 as a USB to TTL Serial adapter connected to the Membership Card serial port.

Everything works great with the 
Super Monitor and BASIC3 here -->

I was just hoping to find a similar hex/bin with Tiny Basic instead of the Basic3.

I went down a path to compile the Tiny Basic source from here -->
I attempted this under Linux on a Pi Zero. Simple source files compile fine, but the Tiny Basic file is another story, hence why I hope someone has already build an image for the Membership card :-)

Hope that helps.



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