Re: Membership Card Rev JK2 - Tiny Basic Hex file #MembershipCard #BASIC

Gregg Levine

Dan are you also running the Arduinio stuff on the Pi? Or is that
running on the system that the Pi is showing a terminal screen on? And
what is your entire environment consisting of? How was the loader from
the Arduinio to the CDP1802 built? Dan's notes indicate that he built
an I2C device that translates data presented using the sketch provide
and sends it out via parallel format to the CDP1802 board.

Lee, I'm using the term "board" where our questioner used the term
"Membership card rev. JK2" because someone such as myself would want
to make use of the schematic for it, but to stretch the build onto
larger boards.

Please note that I have not as yet announced that I going to do that,
I'm just asking the questions that all of us are thinking of asking.
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On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 8:05 PM dmatyja2002 via Groups.Io
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Hello group,

Does anyone have a working Tiny Basic hex/bin file that I can load on my all memory (32K LO & HI) Membership card rev. JK2, that I recently completed?
I tried the hex file here -->
It is trying to work but perhaps a active low/high serial issue? Working to get A18 up and running on a Pi but got over a 1000 errors on compile.

I am loading my membership card using Don Meyer's loader -->
I am successfully running the Super Monitor and BASIC3 with no issues using the bin file here -->

Hoping to get a auto run Tiny Basic setup going.

Thanks for any help in advanced.


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