Re: UT62 and Basic


Earlier I posted about a problem running RCA's Basic 3 on my
 Basic would run 1 line and stop. I've since recalled that
the old basic's often checked the terminal's BREAK key so
the user could escape a loop. Since the system's serial
comms used /EF4 that was a clue. Basic had to be checking
/EF4 independently of UT62's use of /EF4.
 So I whipped up a disassembler and Lo and Behold...

              SEP 5          .. D5                   B137 0257 Õ
              B4     #3E    .. 373E   Label19  B138 0258 7>
Label20:  BN4   #3A   .. 3F3A   Label20  B13A 0259 :
              SMI    #00    .. FF00                B13C 0260 ÿ.
Label19:  SEP 5         .. D5                    B13E 0261 Õ

So I restarted the system, held the Elf's Input key,
(which controls /EF4) and ran the Basic program again.
This time it acted correctly, like it did under Emma 02.
There are other B4's and BN4's in the Basic, but I have
left them alone for now.
 So some of the mystery solved. perhaps Marcel or Herb might
know something about the other /EF4 branches in there.
Since I am not much of a Basic programmer I ask could someone
post or point me to more basic programs that might use to
test with.
Much thanks,

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