Emma 02 - V1.33 #Emulator #mcds #microboards

Marcel van Tongeren


Just released Emma 02 - V1.33, took me exactly 2 months.....

Anyway I think this is a nice one :). I replaced the CDP18S6xx emulators which I had added in V1.32 with one Microboard System emulator. This one emulates the 11 CPU boards (CDP18S600 to 610) as well as multiple memory boards, display, UART, printer, FDC, tape, I/O and video boards. Option to specify 24 Microboards at the same time, with the current supported boards I don't think you can 'fill it'. There is a limitation as CPU boards have to go in slot 1 and some of the boards can only be used 'once' (display, printer, FDC, tape, I/O and video). 

I have some pre defined configurations loadable via the File / Configuration / Load menu, including the MCDS, MS2000 as well as a 'demo' configuration using the COMX ROM on the CDP18S661 video boards.

Download: https://emma02.hobby-site.com/download.html
Change Log: https://emma02.hobby-site.com/changelog.html

Available for OS X, windows (32/64 bit), linux (rpm/dev)

As always bug reports, questions or comments are welcome.

Cheers, Marcel.

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