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Magnus Kesselmark

Got a bunch of them VERY cheap from AliExpress a few years ago. They all worked fine ...
Now they are more expensive but this offer was not bad:

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Subject: Re: [cosmacelf] Alternatives to TIL311 type LED hex displays
When I went shopping for TIL311's for my ELF projects, I found sellers like Jameco that wanted neatly $30 each, and numerous surplus sellers that were selling both used and NOS TIL311 parts for just a few $ each. Unless your budget is really small, there should be no issue getting these. I bought some NOS ones about 5 months ago that I recall cost me about $4 each; although the seller tacked on a shipping charge that was more than really necessary.

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Subject: [cosmacelf] Alternatives to TIL311 type LED hex displays

Hello all,


The price of the TIL311 type LED hex displays makes them a very unattractive alternative for a retro computer address/data bus display. While thinking of options this morning I came up with a few ideas.


#1 Use a small 8-bit micro (20 pins or so) to read an 8-bit bus and drive two 7 segment LEDs. These types of micros can be had for ~$1 and proved two hex digits of display.


#2 Use something like the MAX6955 and a small 8-bit micro to form a display/keypad peripheral. You could use up 16 segment displays and get an alphanumeric display this way with a keypad decoder built in. Maybe sort of a demi-terminal?


Of the two #1 would be a near direct replacement for two TIL311 type displays used on ELF type builds. Thus far I have not seen anything like this being made, have I missed it?


Jeff Birt

Paul Schmidt


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