UT versions? #microboards

Marcel van Tongeren


I'm working on a more complete Microboard System emulator in Emma 02; intention is that it will replace the CDP18S600-CDP18S603 emulators as released in the last version and in a way also the MCDS and MS2000. Not sure if I will remove the last emulators as yet or keep them next to the Microboard System emu.

Anyway, I'm getting there! Except that I would like to add emulation of the CDP18S691, CDP18S692 and the CDP18S695. I think I have emulation of these running but cannot really test them due to the fact that I don't have a copy of the UT60, UT61 or UT63. I do have the UT62 so the CDP18S693 and CDP18S694 are no issue (basically the same as the already provided MCDS emulator).

So anyone has a copy of these UT versions?
Binary or hex would be fantastic but a scan of a paper copy will do fine a as well....

While we are on the UT topic any other versions available?
I have a copy of the UT4, UT5, UT20, UT21, UT62 rev 2 and the UT71.

Cheers, Marcel.

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