Re: Yahoo Groups Closing, Please Update Links #ThisGroup


Holy smokes. Good work on getting the group moved early on Dave. I’m sure a lot of groups are just now busy jumping through hoops to manage that. I’m in several other Yahoo Groups that have not done so and as of yet, there is no discussion to do so. Kudos for taking the initiative to move us when you did. 


On Oct 16, 2019, at 5:08 AM, Dave Ruske <dave@...> wrote:

I don't think there's much impact to our community as we've migrated all content to, but I wanted to make everyone aware that Yahoo Groups will be closing and removing content on December 14th, 2019. Here's their announcement:

The only impact of note is that people who might follow an old hyperlink to the Yahoo group won't see our "we've moved" notice anymore. I'd ask people with content on the web that might link to the group to check and see if the links are up-to-date. The link to the cosmacelf group here should be:


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