Re: Frankenstein UART Board #Serial #Homebrew

Jeff Truck


Regarding your comment on loose wires with Frankie.   Yes - they pop up from time to time and I have to deal with that when it happens.  It helps to have super accurate mapping documents which I maintain on record just in case.   

The UART and Video boards utilize strip boards for which the wires and sockets are all soldered.  No loose wires in this case.   Since these functions came later in Frankie's life I have learned from the burn of using breadboards hence the usage of strip boards.  As additional circuits on the breadboard mature, they will be converted over to strip board as well.   I have two major projects planned for Frankie and they will also be strip board.

Thank you regarding your comments on the wire colors and work of art.   It does indeed look colorful.  I tried to keep colors grouped based on origination points.   The art effect just comes around naturally.   Jameco has certainly had a good year of sales when it comes to wire thanks to me.


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