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How to "get it in" in the first place?? That is an issue all Elf wranglers
On the Retrotechnology site are a few suggestions, most will need extra
hardware and something on a PC to send the code to some kind of loader
which is toggled into the Elf. Chuck Yakym and David Madole have done
work in this area. It would be nice if someone would make available
a programmed (E)EPROM with a monitor, to get a user started. I suggest
IDIOT because it is object-relocatable, easy to use, and historically
relevant. Once you have IDIOT you can load anything else.

covers in excruciating detail, the business of a "binary loader" that can be toggled into a COSMAC's RAM, to read EF3 serial data. Then one can load some monitor through a serial or USB to serial port. It's about 30 bytes of loading code; kinda tedious, but you knew that going in, right? ;)

If you need to build a serial hardware interface, that's covered in a number of documents on my Web site; an index to them is linked-to as "hardware" on the "binloader" Web page.

For the most part, however, most COSMAC owners replicate and burn a ROM from some COSMAC product and run that, with the serial interface of that product. So there's not been much development of toggle-in serial loaders over the last several years. (Parallel or Arduino loaders have had some development. Web search is your friend to find those; even on my Web site.) USB-to-serial dongles, have become cheap and usable under various "pee-cee" operating systems. I cover them too, on my Web site. Web search will find content on my site, if you add the phrase ""

Herb Johnson

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