Re: Happy discovery

Magnus Kesselmark

Let’s trade your chips with some Swedish ... or Swiss ... ???? chocolate!!!! <wink>
PS. The markings use to be year and week, so 549 means 1975 w49 etc.

From: John
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2019 10:47 PM
Subject: [cosmacelf] Happy discovery
Hi All,
Tonight I was clearing out a cupboard so we can use it to store camping equipment. I found an old Cadbury's Roses chocolates tin with an assortment of ICs (sadly no chocolates) in it. These included three CDP1854s and a CDP1802ACE all by RCA.
Can anyone help me to put a date to these? The MPU is marked CDP1802ACE RCA Z 549 on the top and 6FVZA W6963 on the underside. The CDP1854AE also has RCA Z 549 on the top and 6ANZA W6917 underneath. The two CDP1854AEXs are marked RCA Z 532 and 706 on top and 6ANLO G8549 underneath (the other is illegible).
I've never used any of these. They must have been given to me sometime, maybe by someone at the radio club.
MAR1E the Elf is having a rest at the moment as other jobs have taken priority. I was hoping she'd be joined by another Elf, JUL1A or JUL1E depending on whether she was working by July 26th or 30th but as I haven't started building yet it's unlikely to happen this year.
Best regards,
John, Nottingham


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