Re: Todd's ELF-ish gets some more Memory #ELF #Homebrew


Hi Terry -

On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 09:49 PM, Terry Gray wrote:
It would appear that at the rate you are adding functionality and the fact that you aren's stacking the boards that you may have to add a room to your house just for your Elf! 
It'll soon be a problem, I'm sure ;-)

Way back in the 70's I used to wirewrap like that...found it very cathartic.  Need to see if I still have the patience.

My previous wire-wrap was at uni back in the late '80s.  I'll never know how I managed to use one of those pencil tools back then, but this project was almost a non-starter when I began with one of those.

Finding that used electric wrapping gun on eBay is at least 75% responsible for the sprawl - can't imagine having got this far otherwise.


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