Re: 30 AWG wire wrap stripper


A bit late to reply, but just to chime in, Ideal makes some nice wire strippers.  I like the Reflex T-stripper.  Mine goes from 22-32 Ga.  This one goes from 20-30 Ga.  For lengths longer than an  inch or so, I like the Stripmaster, but for 30 Ga, ususally reach for the Reflex T-stripper.

BTW, when I was a kid I did plenty of point-to-point projects with 30 Ga wire wrap wire, and my go-to stripping tool for 30 Ga wire-wrap wire was a fingernail clipper.  I created a little nick in the cutting surfaces by clamping down on a needle to approximate a 30 Ga diameter.  Cheap, worked great, and also handy as a flush cutter.  In a pinch, teeth work pretty well also.


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