Re: Todd's ELF-ish gets gets a Video Interface System (VIS) #ELF #Homebrew


Although things were working there were some issues.  The cheap scan convertor had no shielding, so the EMI coming from the ELF-ish would cause the screen to jump and flicker whenever I did anything with it.

So, I ordered a better one, which came in a nice shielded chassis, with a shielded, multi-core cable.  I put a Molex connector on it and we were ready to run.

No more flicker/jumping/etc - very nice.

Also, I finished entering the demo program.  Here is a shot of the screen full of random characters from my typing and using the cursor controls and scroll features.

But, it doesn't look like a made a video of the full demo - one will be coming shortly.

I then tested out the bit-map operation.  First step, remove the two CDM6116's and install the CDM6264

Here's a couple video's demonstrating the very basics of bit-map mode, just to show that it is working.

(ignore the hi-res pixels at the bottom of the screen on the first one - that was just having the scan converter size set incorrectly so it was displaying some uninitialized pixels)

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