Re: Todd's ELF-ish gets gets a Video Interface System (VIS) #ELF #Homebrew


Now that the VIS is built and it has a decent clock (hopefully close enough), it's time to test.

The VIS isn't tied to the system !CLEAR, so it comes up in a random state. In this case, in the low-res 12 x 20 display.  But since both pmem and cmem are implemented in RAM, the screen was just random garbage.

But random garbage showing that the VIS was working!

Who's the Happy Todd?!?

My first test program simply tells the VIS to switch to its hi-res mode of 24 rows of 40 characters each.

It's still random garbage, but now it's hi-res random garbage.


I then started loading the demo program from the ICAN.  Here's another quick test.

Things are getting exciting!!!

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