Re: Mar1e gets (some) address LEDs #Homebrew #Electronics

Lee Hart

John wrote:
Not much of my Elf is "period correct", having a 6116 and laser-cut and
engraved panels, but the general layout started like that of the
original (and quickly changed). I might one day build an unexpanded
original with authentic parts but that's not a priority.
The original PE Elf wasn't a commercial product; it was hand-wired on perfboard. As you look through the series of articles, it keeps changing as Weisbecker added features. So there is no "right" way to build it.

The 2114 and 6116 both existed in the 1970's. They were just more expensive than the 2101's in the original Elf. Still, it cost about $80 for all the parts. That was a lot in 1976!

Having fun with it is the priority to justify the time I'm spending
on it.
That's the name-of-the-game for all of us! :-)

I fancy building an AFSK oscillator too, 1275/1445Hz, so it can talk
acoustically to an RTTY app on my Android tablet at 50bps. I love that
warbling sound!
The terminal for my first Elf was a Baudot teletype! I wrote my own driver to get it to work with a monitor and then Tiny BASIC.

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